Sadhu Vaswani (English Medium) Schools are controlled and guided by Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Ahmedabad. It is headed by Chairman, Secretary and Trustees.  The education imparted to pupils is meant to be broad and balanced with emphasis on character building and spiritual upliftment. Pupils are encouraged to imbibe reverence for all life.

Sadhu Vaswani Pre-Primary School, Sadhu Vaswani English Medium School, Sadhu Vaswani Higher Secondary School & Sadhu Vaswani School (Computer) Centre; are private Non Aided Linguistic Minority Schools under Clause I of Article 30 of the Constitution of India. While Sadhu Vaswani High School is Grant-in-aid School. The schools are recognized by the State/DEO, Ahmedabad and follow the syllabus prescribed by the relevant Education Authorities at the State level.

Students in Sadhu Vaswani School are placed in an atmosphere which may enable them to grow in reverence for all prophets, for all saints and sages, all the Heroes of Humanity of all races and all religions. The school endeavours to create an atmosphere which may enable its students to grow in Love of God and men and the essential unity of all life.

Activities are designed using nature as a learning tool. A conscious effort is made to inculcate in the child a love and care for trees, animals, fruits and flowers. Along with extensive activity schedule the reading, writing and number skills are also learnt in a interesting manner.

For an all round development in the child’s personality, besides imparting education of the highest quality, the school also provides the students with ample opportunities to engage in a wide variety of activities.  It inculcates in them a positive approach towards life perseverance, a spirit of co-operation, co-ordination   and sportsmanship.

A wide spectrum of activities is offered to cater to the palate of the young minds such as drawing, painting, colouring, clay work, craft,  games, races hurdles, sports,  singing, elocution, dancing, dramatization,  story-telling , picnics, trips,  story reading , etc.

Sadhu Vaswani School is a School with a difference. Other than the regular school activities we have a few different one.


Our founder Sadhu Vaswani believed that “The noblest work is to cultivate the soul”. Keeping this in mind, the school starts with the daily sanctuary period which is an integral part of the school curriculum. “To educate” Sadhu Vaswani said, “is to develop the character and individuality of a pupil-the mind and soul power of the student”.

A regular assembly which is called the Sanctuary is an essential feature of this school. The programme starts with devotional songs like Bhajans or Nuri sangeet followed by patriotic songs and recitations  from different scriptures. Articles from Mira magazine are read. Each day one student reads the important news from the newspaper. Some teachers conduct lessons of the Ramayana, the Mahabharat, the Gita. Once a week a session of Sadhu Vaswani Circle is held, where the students discuss and learn about the saints and prophets and the great people by celebrating days sacred to their memory.

In our sanctuary, days sacred to the Heroes and Holy men are observed. Students narrate incidents from the lives of great ones. They also enact small skits revealing great truths of life.


We try to practice the ideal of service every day, in a humble way. Many times, a group of students visit orphanages or some of the other institutions and offer eatables to the poor and needy.


Each day a group of little ones accompanied by their class teacher go to the School terrace and fed the birds with their tiny little hands and receive their blessings.


From time to time students bring food stuffs and clothes from their homes which are distributed to the needy in the orphanages.


Our revered founder Sadhu T. L. Vaswani, an eminent philosopher, philanthropist, literary genius, educationist and a Saint of Modern India founded the Mira Movement in education in 1933.

The very basis of Mira Movement in Education is the reverence and extra care of the ‘child’. The emphasis in Sadhu Vaswani School is on atmosphere, as knowledge is born and nourished only in atmosphere of love, sympathy and friendship. We believe that every child has within him a mine of hidden potentials. This needs to be opened as a flower is opened gently, petal by petal, by sympathy, not force. Therefore it is our endeavor to get teachers who would use gentle forces of sympathy and understanding to unlock the hidden potential of the pupils.


Our Students participate in various co-curricular activities like debates , quiz, drawing and painting, music, dance, dramatics and crafts.


Educational trips and picnics form an integral part of the education. Field trips and picnics are planned every year to strengthen the teacher-students relationship as well as bring about a fine blend of education and entertainment.


The Temple of learning – the school library also forms an essential part of the Sadhu Vaswani School. As it is the seat of informal learning. The library is stocked with a myriad collection of books covering varied subjects. The little ones benefit a lot from this facility provided by the school.


The emphasis in our schools is to bring out the best in the child by proper care, understanding, sympathy and love. Great care is taken to select such Teachers for the school, who are not only good academically with requisite teaching qualifications, but also possess personal qualities of humility, kindness friendliness, joy, being helpful and loving and capable of playing the role of loving parents to the pupils in the schools.

Teachers of Sadhu Vaswani Schools are expected to be Role Models in behavior and conduct. We believe that Teachers are Sculptors and they play an important role in sculpting the character and personality of their young pupils. Teachers are expected to let the pupils grow in an atmosphere of love, friendship and understanding.

It is an Article of Faith for the Teachers of Sadhu Vaswani Schools to be ever loving, caring, helpful and kind to each and every pupil of the school. Never should a child be spoken too harshly or inflicted any kind of corporal punishment.