MOC 2017

We are excited to inform you that Beloved Dada has coined this year’s Moment of Calm theme, “Give! Forgive! And Be Free!” Rev. Dada lovingly called it ‘a mantra to reach the ultimate goal of freedom’.

This coming August we will step into Beloved Dada’s centenary year! This is our chance to show our love for Him. And spreading His message is the best thing we can do for Him. He will be so happy to know that so many hearts have gained peace by choosing to forgive.

We seek your support to reach out to as many hearts as possible. From satsang halls and gurukuls, to schools and colleges, to corporates and non-profits, to temples and yoga centres – each and every one can be benefited by this message. Let us take this blessed opportunity to go out and inspire others to forgive and seek forgiveness.

We can take advantage of technology to help promote Moment of Calm. In a world where it takes seconds to send a message across the globe, you never know where somebody’s life can be touched.

  • Invite people to ‘Like’ the Moment of Calm Facebook page
  • Have people visit
  • Forward Moment of Calm posts and reminders through Whatsaap
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The Moment of Calm is a worldwide peace initiative that aims at bringing calm in
the hearts of people through the power of forgiveness. There can be no world peace
without peace in the heart.

Young and old, individuals and organizations join the Moment of Calm on August
2 at 2 pm by observing 2 minutes silence and forgiving those who have wronged
them. The simple act of forgiving and removing negative emotions of anger and
hatred from hearts can raise world consciousness and generate powerful positive
vibrations that will envelope the planet with love and peace.

The Moment of Calm has received tremendous support and enthusiasm from
individuals from all walks of life. In 2016, over 18.2 million people participated
from across the globe, including Morocco, UAE, UK, USA, Spain, India,
Singapore, South America, South Africa, China and Taiwan. All are invited to join
this growing wave of peace. To sign up, ‘Like’
or visit

The Moment of Calm marks the birth time of a leading spiritual luminary of India
– Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani, who believes, ‘The best giving is forgiving.’


Moment of Calm
2016 Puzzle Piece Challenge Guidelines

The contest seeks to encourage people to forgive others or seek forgiveness from others by
expressing their feelings in a creative way using a puzzle piece. The individual puzzle pieces can
then be assembled into an interesting work of art. This makes the forgiveness process fun-filled
and light.

Peace is often difficult to find in our busy lives. Yet, we all need peace. May this ‘piece’ be a
reminder of the peace that may be found through ‘Forgiveness’.

Who may enter?
Children and youth can participate in this contest.
There will be two categories based on age.
Category 1 – Children up to 14 years
Category 2 – Youth from age 15 to 30 years

The contest can be done as an individual or group activity. However, all participants in the
group must belong to the same age category. Children can take help from parents or teachers.

What are you required to do?
You are required to make a craft masterpiece using puzzle pieces with forgiveness message
written on them. You can either make the puzzle pieces from any scrap material or use old jigsaw
puzzle pieces by painting over them or re-decorating them. You are free to use your imagination
and creativity.

Each masterpiece made from puzzle pieces must contain at least one personalized forgiveness
message. The message can be to forgive someone or seek forgiveness from someone. Some
examples of messages are: ‘Please forgive me mom for my rude behaviour’, ‘I am sorry ABC for
lying to you’, ‘’Forgive me sis I didn’t mean to hurt you’, I am sorry friend I take back my words’,
‘I forgive you for cheating me’.

You need to send a picture of the craft work along with the total number of messages on it.
You are also required to send a picture of the two most heartfelt messages.

How do I submit?
The entries along with the Moment of Calm PLEDGE FORM should be sent to Sadhu Vaswani
Mission, Pune, so as to reach no later than July 10, 2016, through the channels mentioned below –
e-Mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Website, or even Post / Courier.

Submit to:
Public Relations Office,
Sadhu Vaswani Mission
10 Sadhu Vaswani Path,
Pune 411001Maharashtra, India.

+91 9767641362

Submission Information
Please send the picture of your craft work and messages along with your name, school name,
mobile number, email, city and age. Entries with insufficient information will be disqualified.
Preferably please submit via email to:

What is the focus of the submission?
Each submission should be original and must appropriately reflect the theme of forgiveness.

What is the deadline for submission?
The deadline for submitting the entries is July 10, 2016. Entries submitted after this date will not
be considered. (IMPORTANT: Be sure to include your personal contact information and age so
we may contact you.)

Are there any other guidelines for the submission?
All forgiveness messages must be written in English or Hindi.

Is there a fee to enter a submission?
There is no fee.

The competition will be judged by an independent panel of jury members. Decision of the Jury
will be final, and no representation against their decision will be entertained.

What will be the Judging Criteria?
Creativity and Originality
Design and decor of the craft piece
Effective use of puzzle pieces
Genuineness of forgiveness messages

What are the Award levels?
Prizes will be awarded to the best craft work in both categories and certificates or medals will be
given for the best messages. The winning entries will be featured on our sites & publications.

What else do I need to know before submitting?
By submitting your entry, you are agreeing that you understand these guidelines, that you grant
Sadhu Vaswani Mission a royalty-free license to copy, distribute, display and use the original
piece for web, press, promotional or any other purposes, and that you agree to hold harmless and
release The Sadhu Vaswani Mission, officers, executives, volunteers and all o thers associated
with this contest for any and all liabilities, claims or expenses associated with this entry.
Please note your entry must not infringe on any third party rights.

For questions or queries please contact:
Ph: 020 26055640
Cell: +91 9767641362

For other details please visit: